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  THE UNWISE MONKEYS Who are and what are The Unwise Monkey's

The Unwise Monkey's are Sean Pritchard & Colin Hives. we have been composing soundtracks for low-budget films for over 10-years and have scored over 600 movies in that time. We record from our own recording studio (The Closet) in Liverpool, England.

The Work

We pride ourselves on producing professional music for producers and directors who really need to spend their money on something else. Since we have worked on many different kinds of movies over the years we understand the problems faced with getting a film off the ground. we realise that money is tight...That's why we are here!!!

The Movies

From our very first soundtrack, Dracula Walks The Night, in 1989 we have tried very hard to produce music that will help in the overall effect of a movie. We like to work closely with both director and producer so they can give us as much information and feedback as possible, even if you don't know what kind of score you want we can help through discussion.

What Can We Do For You

We can produce an original soundtrack to fit any genre, we've done them all from horror, action and thrillers to comedy and romance (we've eben dabbled in the adult end of the market...Musically that is!!!)

We can compose a soundtrack at a cost you'll like...Nothing!!!

And we'll compose a soundtrack that (with your help) will fit your film like a glove.

The Unwise Monkey's
  Company Headquarters:
The Unwise Monkey's
46 Sutton street
L13 7EJ
United Kingdom

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Desert Demon - Manga

Battle Of The Pagan Knights - Sword & Sorcery

PsychoZone 3000 - Italian action zombie epic

Temptation Eyes - Erotic Thriller

Burial Man - Horror

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